Invest in our Leaders

Creating memories and exploring the world are two important parts of helping troubled and at-risk youth to conquer the world for Christ. That’s why our all-star summer campers are rewarded with their own special fun mentoring week-ends.


The guys spent several days camping in the Gulf Coast learning about each other,bonding together as a Chriatian group, and learning about  God's great love and mercy. New experiences included dinner in a seafood restaurant, swimming in huge waves in the FL Gulf, watching a movie during the heat (near 100!) of the day, fishing, cooking out, Bible studies, etc.

The girls’ weekend included a cooking class at Camp New Life, dinner and desert, a great movie, and a night in the Camp Dorms. The next day we took a trip to New Orleans and had dinner in a very nice New Orleans restaurant; took a boat ride across the Mississippi River, rode on a trolly car, and spend hours enjoying the Aquariam overlooking the Mississippi River.

These promising youth are given an opportunity to enjoy activities that many of us might not think are that unusual. To eat in a restaurant or travel to another city, much less a different state, are experiences to be hoped for or dreamed of by them.

A special donation to our "Leaders Fund" of $100 or any amount can help expand horizons for each leader.