Faith and Vision for New Year

The Bible states: Without a vision the people will perish.

St. Augustine, that great 4th century Christian defender of the faith and inspiration of the Reformation, said, “Faith is to believe what you do not see and to see what you believe.”


God’s limitless power is unleashed when our faith and vision are placed wholly and completely in Him.

Faith and vision in ourselves alone is delusion and a waste of time. We will always prove deficient. We limit our influence on the world for good when we limit our faith in Christ to do good through us.

New Life’s challenge for 2011-2012  is to believe fully in our omnipotent and loving God  to use us to do mighty deeds  through Christ that bring glory to His great name and great good to the people we serve.

God will meet us exactly where we place our faith. Complete abandonment to the God of Scripture is the most powerful act a human can  achieve and through it he can accomplish much.

Our vision for New Life Ministries this year and I pray for years to come is to GROW: grow in financial resources, grow in staff and volunteer services, grow in board membership, grow in land and facility assets, and grow in our outreach to youth and families.

We ask you to grow with us as we seek to please our God. Why after thirty years of ministry do we want to grow?  Because we want to be more obedient servants and ambassadors of Christ to the world. Because we want to see the Kingdom of God grow in Jackson like never before, because we want to see the Body of Christ grow and mature to be sturdy mountains of faith and influence in the world. I believe if we do not grow we will die.  I do not believe that would please our Father in Heaven, nor would it please those who have invested so much into New Life.

There is no question in my mind that God wants us to reach out to the lost in the hard places of our world; like inner-city Jackson, MS.  Jesus commands us through His word to go to the highways and the byways and urge the lost to come to the wedding feast of Christ.

He showed us by His actions that He cared about the hurting people He saw around Him. He gave money to the poor, He healed the sick, raised the dead, and preached the Gospel to the poor.

He became a friend to tax collectors, prostitutes, thieves, coarse men, and the demon possessed.  He even became poor that we might be rich in Him.

Christ’s great desire for us, His little children, is to be just like Him.

Our dying and polluted world needs a faithful and true witness.  We want to be that witness in MS. Help us!